My 1st RM - Forest Nikki!


Jun 21, 2007
Yippee - I can officially be a minkette! I have been lurking on the RM forum for months now checking out the syles, but I finally bit the bullet and boy, I'm glad I did! I absolutely love the Nikki style :cloud9: - it's heavier than my Bbags, but because of the flat strap it's very comfortable and stays easily on my shoulder. And of course I love that you can buy 2 RM bags (3 if you get a good sale or code!) for the price of 1 bbag, without feeling like you are compromising designer quality. In fact, with the heavier leather and subtly blingy signature hardware, the Nikki feels very luxe. Which is fab for me - now my DH and I won't have to live on ramen noodles and mac & cheese for months in order for me to buy more bags! :P

Anyway - I'll shut up now and post some pics!

Isn't she gorgeous?! :love:




Apr 15, 2008
Gorgeous! I've been using my wine Nikki all week, and I also have a Day and a Bal Hobo. The one thing that Bal has over RM is the lightness of their bags. Otherwise, I agree - the leather of the Nikki is incredibly thick and chewy; the lining and the hardware make it feel very high end. Good value for the money! That said...I've been bitten hard by the Balenciaga bug and I can't stop obsessing about a City now! And yes....I do have an RM MAM!