My 1st reveal at tPF :)

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  1. I found a this wallet at TJ Maxx today :smile: It's a Hamilton large flap wallet in embossed python. It was $79.99.
    They also had a the jet set zip around wallet in the same embossed python with silver hw at 79.99 as well.

    Here she is

    I already put my stuff in it :smile: I can even fit my phone in it (Galaxy S III).

    And that's it for now... I am hoping to get my first Hamilton bag at the MK store sometime next week *fingers crossed* :smile:
  2. nice wallet! I want this wallet & the Hamilton in Luggage. Both items are so pretty.
  3. OMG nice wallet! I have the same wallet minus the python print. My MK Hamilton wallet is soft buttery luggage leather! Enjoy and congrats! ;)
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    Awesome find! I got my Hamilton n/s tote at tjmaxx a couple months back for $199. Gotta love tjs!!!
  5. @tiffanys88 I love luggage color :smile: I think I'm getting my Hamilton in luggage soon too!

    @LVLadyLover thanks! Gotta love buttery leather. For my next bag I still can't decide between saffiano or good old buttery leather!

    @MrsHandbag I'm excited to have found this beauty at my local TJ, it usually doesn't have any MK so I'm pleasantly surprised. A Hamilton tote at that price is such a great deal! Congrats on that find :smile:
  6. Score!!! I love finding great deals at TJ Maxx. Lovely wallet, congrats!!
  7. Thanks! I feel so lucky when I find good deals at TJ especially when it's on something I had been wanting and didn't know they would have!

    Is it bad that I can't stop sniffing it? I live the smell of brand new leather goodies.
  8. Good leather always smells heavenly. Great find! I'm hoping to find a goodie at TJ's soon too!
  9. Amazing deal!! Have you moved in yet ?
  10. All moved in :smile:!!

  11. Love it! Congrats on getting a steal at TJM. I never seem to run into good stuff like this.
  12. What a great deal on that gorgeous wallet; I love it! My TJ Maxx gets a few MK wallets here and there, but it never seems to be the really nice ones like yours. Congrats on an awesome find!
  13. How awesome is that?? I keep hoping I'll find a nice wallet at my local TJs, but wallets just don't seem to be high on their list, I guess? There are never any! So congrats on a great find! I'm super jealous! XD
  14. Great wallet! And congrats on getting such a good deal.