My 1st Reveal! A small French beauty!

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  1. Look what FedEx just delivered!!


  2. Open! :biggrin:
  3. She is just the perfect little size! I'm so excited!



  4. Twins and congratulations
  5. Congrats. I really want one too.
  6. Super cute. Congrats to you.
  7. Congrats! :smile:
  8. Very cute, congrats!
  9. Twins also! I LVoe that sweet little bag! Enjoy!!
  10. Congrats :smile:
  11. I wasn't expecting to LVOE her, but she is so sweet! Thank you all! :smile:
  12. I love mine as well! I have the exact same one. Enjoy it!
  13. You are going to love her! Enjoy!:smile:
  14. congrats ! i want her too :woohoo:
  15. so cute - congrats!