My 1st Qvc Order Of My Awl Satchel Is Here And Shes Beautiful!!! :)

  1. she arrived 2 days ago but ive been busy, in fact she has already been out in her 1st rain storm and although i did have an umbrella she took her share of rain and came through like a champ!!!!!! :smile:
    SOOO HERE SHE IS YAY FOR QVC (although i must say very UNIMPRESSED with their shipping, she came in a giant box with no packing just the bax all wrapped in plastic and stuff but then just floating around in a big box, no peanuts, or paper or anything,,, so the box got smushed :sad: i was worried but she was ok but come on QVC spring for some packing peanuts!)

  2. i LOVE it! yay! i'm so glad you have your rainy day leather! i was thinking you'd miss out cuz they discontinued but YOU GOT RIGHT ON IT! YOU GO GF! yaaay! keep that wristlet thingy! it's cute!
    :party: :dothewave: :party:

  3. I really like that bag. Good choice!
  4. that's pretty!
  5. I love the color! I actually bought the same Dooney on QVC a couple of years ago, but it was the signature in black.Its a great bag:smile:
  6. Slush, thats so pretty. I love the satchel style of their bags. You are having a good bag week huh? ;)
  7. thanks everyone!!! :smile: AND hehe handbag helen! !:smile: i am indeed having a GREAT BAG week! :smile:
  8. i love the color!!!! brightens any rainy day!
  9. That is GORGEOUS!!:woohoo:
  10. That is a beautiful leather bag. Enjoy!
  11. Lovely.
  12. Congrats, Bessie! Looks fab on you. Love that color!
  13. CONGRATS! That's a beautiful bag!
  14. Gorgeous bag!

    You look so happy modeling it! Have fun!
  15. Very nice! I just got my red Alto Top Handle Lock and it was squished into a box two sizes too small. I am so glad the leather wasn't creased, the bend came right out with a load and lots of petting.

    A week to torture buyers with awful packing I guess. QVC should know better!

    Enjoy your new pretty. Hoping for some more rain your way.