My 1st purchase of 2008!! And some opinions needed too! <3


Which color Cruise Mini Lin Speedy?

  1. Just get the Rouge

  2. Just get the Blue

  3. Get them both Gayle

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  1. HI!!!!! Today I made my 1st purchase of 2008...this bag grew on my as I originally planned to get it when it first got released, but got sooo sidetracked with other bags :shame:

    I love it and am SO glad I got this! Here she is (just a quick pic I took a few min ago):


    Now, for the opinion section (what the poll is about)....I got the Rouge, now...who has the Blue and adores it? The Blue Mini Lin Cruise Speedy you love it? Might you recommend me getting this as well? The bags although similar in style and obviously being from the same collection..are world's different in my thoughts! I'm seriously thinking of picking up the Blue on Thursday to be a brother to my Rouge :yes: I'm also contemplating getting both Cruise bag charms (rouge & blue) to hang on them. I would do the blue charm on rouge bag and rouge charm on blue bag! :nuts: Enablers? :heart::heart::heart:

    Thanks for looking and any advice! xoxo :heart:.
  2. I love it Gayle!! Congrats!!!!
  3. Nah...I would just consider having one then saving up for another from the Spring-Summer 2008 newbies. Congratz and it's a great choice!
  4. Not really my style but the bag looks great. And if you really love it that much so why not go all the way out and buy the other one too. I know I would if I were you. And congrats on the bag!
  5. I love the Mini Lin line!!!! Congrats... I voted for the Blue.
  6. Congratulations!! I love this bag! After seeing it again and again, I have been seriously contemplating getting the blue Cruise Speedy. I think one Cruise Speedy and the keychain is pretty good unless you really really want the blue one. In which case, I am enabling you to get it since both colors are gorgeous! lol
  7. I voted just to get the blue croisette speedy. I love the blue stripes -- so crisp and nautical.
  8. Congrats first of all!

    I like this bag in blue the most.
  9. i voted rouge b4 i saw ur purchase..its so beautiful & fresh!! idk if id get both though..but i can picture the blue would look great with jeans..ive never seen either irl ..from photos the rouge is my favorite though..congrats :yahoo: speedy family pic please:tender:!!
  10. Gorgeous and congrats. What a way to start the year...I voted blue!
  11. I voted for the Rouge. :tup:

    It is more prettier than the blue, imo.

  12. I really LOVE it gayle!!! CONGRATS!!! do you have more pics?
  13. cute, congrats gayle!!!
  14. Congratulations on you New Year baby!!! My favorite is the rose. Great choice.:yahoo:
  15. Thanks!! I really need to do a speedy fam. picture :yes: i will do it this weekend!