My 1st Prada! Vitello Daino Nero pics!

  1. :love:
  2. Gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  3. Congrats on your bag! It looks very lovely. :woohoo:
  4. Congrats!
  5. beautiful bag, congrats.
  6. Love this colour!
  7. :ty:

    Thank you all you lovely people! It feels great to get the thumbs up from the TPF members:cool:

    I wore this bag with a huge smile 2 days ago and haven't felt the need to change to another one at all. The size, spacious interior, good lining, big pocket for wallet, beautiful leather to touch and the 3 different ways to carry it _ am super happy at my spontaneous buy!
  8. Have this in red. Wore almost daily for a year. Did nothing to it and it rains here all the day. Looks great and I still get compliments when I use it. Enjoy
  9. Happy with u
  10. Gorgeous bag, congrats! :biggrin:
  11. very lovely bag
  12. You got a keeper there!:smile:

    Congrats on finding your perfect black bag and a Prada one at that! Would love to see modelling photos, if you don't mid sharing some.:smile:
  13. I'm seriously considering this bag
    (I'm usually in the Balenciaga forum but am tired of how the bags age so quickly).

    Would love an update about your bag or info from anyone who owns the same bag. TIA!!! :smile:
  14. What style number is that one? I love the zipper top
  15. Love it! Congrats!