My 1st Prada post w/ pics - my new green bow clutch/messenger bag!

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  1. Hi ladies, I am a chanel lover and usually on the chanel forum, but I could not resist this prada bag, which is my 1st prada! I don't think I will use it as a clutch but with the shoulder strap I think this is a very cute going-out bag! The leather is so soft too!

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  2. Gorgeous!! Can you show us as a clutch too with the hand tucked in the bow!:P
  3. so cute! What is the price of this bag if you don't mind me asking? I saw a pink one I want to get!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. Hi, it's beautiful! I saw the clutch version of this in grey-taupe-black but it didn't have a shoulder strap... are there several versions of this clutch?

    CONGRATS!! :flowers:
  6. How cute it is! I really like that green!
  7. very cute bag, love that green!!!
  8. so cute~
  9. I love it..what a fab bag and I really like the color!
  10. thanks ladies. I normally don't buy lambskin bag, but this bag is too cute I could not resist! And plus I got 10% off of the original $840 price tag when I opened an account with Barneys.
  11. super cute! congrats! i really want a bow bag now!
  12. oh so they sell it in Barney's too?? because I didn't see at NM or saks? and I was wondering if it is exclusive to prada store?
  13. yea I got the last one at barneys. But Prada store has more colors, pink, orange, green and black bows. Barneys only had my green one when I was there.
  14. Panda, the bag looks so great. All of these bow bags are making me want one sooooo bad. Each pic is like a sweet torture! Lol!

    p.s. May I ask how tall you are?
  15. I am 5'1", the strap in my pic is almost the shortest (2nd hole) so it can definitely gets longer. How do you like the length of the strap in my pic proportion wise to my height/body?