My 1st Prada Bag, But Sadly Have to Return Her

  1. Hi everyone!! Well the Prada Antic Cervo Satchel came today. It sure was beautiful, but I found I didn't like it on me. :crybaby: Plus there was a mark on the front of the bag. So I packaged it up and sent her back. I did take a pic of it for everyone to see. I wish there was a Prada store here, but sadly there isn't so I have to rely on ordering online. I haven't given up, I still want a Prada bag!!

    8-22-06 003.jpg

    8-22-06 004.jpg
  2. If you dont love that style..send it back..I sent back my first one and the second one turned out to be 100% nicer and better for me....
  3. Thanks for the encouragement Jill. Makes me feel better.
  4. I'm sorry that happened but ITA, Never accept a bag you're not 100% satisfied with. You'll find something you like even better! There are so many beautiful bags out right now! I can find the phone number of the NY Prada store and ask if they ship to different states (I'm pretty sure they do since other boutiques have done it for me in the past.) The only problem is they give your store credit for returns. If there's anything I can do to help, just pm me.
  5. ITA with Jill and Audrey! Sometimes you have to buy and then exchange or return - no biggie. You should never just settle for something... The right Prada bag for you is out there somewhere :yes: :flowers:
  6. I am soo sorry this bag did not work out!

    It is on sale for 1/2 price on the NM website; all sold out. So maybe this was meant to be; I would be soo annoyed it I bought it and then it went on sale so soon.

    Neiman Marcus  - Antic Leather Tote
  7. ^ no ...thats not the bag she ordered....
  8. Thanks all!! I loved seeing pics of this bag, but when it arrived, I just didn't feel the same way. Plus with that big scratch or whatever on the front wasn't very appealing. I'll keep looking.
  9. it is a nice bag but if you don't feel good about it, you should return it and save the money for something else. yeah, same here if i am going to pay so much for a new bag, it better not have any defect on it, not even a hairline scratch! :smile:
  10. ITA. Honestly, i'm sad that they sent her that bag to begin with. You'd think they would be more careful with such an expensive bag.
  11. Thanks so much Audrey!! You are so kind. :yes: You guys are the best!!