My 1st post in the Dior forum - I LOVE MY NEW BALLET FLATS!!!

  1. Hi all, I have normally a hardcore Chanel fans in the Chanel Forum, but I must show these beauties to you! Finally got them today after waiting for a couple of weeks! I am so in :heart: with them, love the color so much!! :yahoo:
    DSC01823.JPG DSC01825.JPG DSC01826.JPG
  2. Welcome to the Dior subforum!!! :nuts:

    Those metallic Gaucho ballerinas are to die for!!! I've been wanting the Gaucho ballerina forever in off-white but they're either a bit expensive or they're the wrong size for me on eBay.

    I love your Chanel fries and burger avatar, too!!! Is this a Chanel ad?
  3. love your dior flats!
  4. thanks ladies!! I so love the color, perfectly matches my chanel bronze baby cabas, and it is very comfortable!!! that gold color is esp. amazing, not too sparkling, pretty subtle, a very unique color indeed!!
  5. Those are the cutest much were they?

    Do you know if they are made in black?
  6. o:huh:Ooo those flats looks gorgeous!! i want i want!! but its so hard to find a site that will ship to australia without costing an arm and leg =[
  7. do you have Dior boutique in Aus?
  8. No, it was from a magazine, actually a TPFer took a pic of the page of the magazine and I made it my avatar!
  9. I love them!! they are so cute - they look great on you too!! :smile:
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Wow congrats! Love them! :girlsigh:
  12. I want them too! :o ♥
  13. they look fantastic! :drool:
  14. Love those flats! They look very cute on you.