My 1st post! Blueberry or Grenat

  1. Hi All, I just purchased my first Bbag last week, a lilac "purse" which should be here tomorrow! :yahoo: I also ordered the black city which should be coming soon.

    I've been reading all of your wonderful posts over the last 2 weeks and have learned so much. I'm really enjoying all the pictures of the beautiful colors and variety in these bags.

    I'm now trying to decide between the grenat and blueberry. I don't anticipate reselling my bags, but I do want to choose ones I both love and that will retain their value. I think both of these colors are beautiful, but can only pick one.
  2. Welcome lenabean :flowers:
    Enjoy your lilac purse, I'm sure you will love her! I personally prefer the blueberry but then you say you have ordered the black city, so maybe the grenat would be a better contrast. Make sure you post some pics when you get them!
  3. Hi Lenabean - welcome to the forum. Wow, 3 B-bags in less than a month! Respect!

    Personally I would choose the Grenat over the Blueberry as it suits me more and I'm not really into blue bags......yet. Good luck with your decision.
  4. Welcome!:flowers:

    I would go with the blueberry.:heart: Congrats on your lilac purse and black city b-bag.:yahoo:
  5. Welcome lenabean! Congrats on all your new bags! I prefer the blueberry over the grenat.
  6. wow, congrats on your new b-bags lenabean, i'd go for grenat :tender:
  7. mmm I like the grenat!
  8. Blueberry!
  9. welcome to this forum lenabean & congrats on ur bag :P
  10. Grenat!! and welcome ;)
  11. Welcome :yahoo: !!!
    I'd go for a grenat:love: !!!
  12. Blueberry.
  13. Both are beautiful colors! :heart: Well, the Grenat has the most consistent leahter(nice and thick) and the Blueberry's are hit or miss(some are raelly plasticky looking, but I've seem some gorgeous stunners!). If you ordered sight unseen, I think Grenat would be the better bet.
  14. Welcome, lena! My vote would go to Grenat! :heart:
  15. i would say blue berry