My 1st Patek!

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  1. At last I have a Patek :heart: :wlae: but I may be in trouble because I’m so broke and screwed, LOL! The holiday bug has bitten me so I get very stupid impulses and yesterday I was browsing in this department store called Central (similar to Saks, etc.) in Bangkok and there was a watch fair on with a 15% discount on Patek (+7% tax refund and cheaper starting price compared to London) – I still cannot believe this because certainly I’m not a complicated watch girl and the styling is more for older ladies – I just absentmindedly forked out for a complicated 4936! :noggin:



    So I don’t even know what to do with it: no refund on this crazy sucker. Perhaps the consolation is that I can now say I have a Patek and for sure, the dial is addictive as chocolate :lol: (I probably need the satin strap to make it look younger)!

    Actually can I ask the ladies with a Patek watch: do I really need a winder for this since it’s not going to be my everyday watch? Normally I let my Cartier Pasha/Tonneau (both with Jaeger-LeCoultre movement), Panerai stop and reset the watch when I put it on but the assistant lady said that for a Patek it’s not a good idea and in general it’s better to keep watches constantly ticking anyway, is this really true? And also still clueless after googling and reading instructions, I’m a bit confused about the lunar system and would be grateful if someone can tell me what pieces of information should I be looking for to set it up.
  2. yes, get yourself a watchwinder (esp. the ones where you can multiple ones) so, you can place all your lovely watch collection and you don't have to worry winding them everytime!

    gorgeous watch! **heart**
  3. Nice Watch. Congrats!!
  4. That is a gorgeous watch!!!! And you have a Panerai too???? :drool:
  5. WOW! That is GORGEOUS! :nuts: I wish I could wear watches when I see one like that! (Watches stop working when I wear them.:sad: Must be my magnetic personality!:graucho::lol:)
  6. Beautiful watch! The dial is scrumptious!!!
  7. Beautiful watch!
  8. Pazt, thanks for your advice, can you recommend me a good winder make. Actually since this isn't exactly Sky Moon Tourbillon Grand Complications, does it matter that I buy a cheap $40 one?

    Here's my Luminor Marina Contemporary version that sort of sucks a bit because it's got a date and not retro enough (I want a black face - cheaper - Historic version but I have no money!)


    Pic from the Panerai thread I started earlier last month
  9. oh my gosh! i soooooooooooo love your new watch! i want one.....want is not the same as get, right? the panerai too! i'm definetely showing this to my DH when he gets home......
  10. ooh i love Central watch fair and jewelry fair! ur patek is gorgeous!
  11. both your watches are beautiful! i love the patek! congrats!
  12. OOOH, it is so pretty! They both are! Congrats and enjoy!
  13. Ladies, I want to boast of this good news because I'm so happy (this makes the watch even better, LOL).

    Together with my friend (because the price of the Patek was just slightly below the threshold) who has bought a Breguet Reine de Naples we got 2 40-inch Samsung LCD TV as kickbacks! So I get a new TV (not that I have a place to put it, LOL). They didn't have one to give me last week but they do today so I'm having my new TV sent to London by a ship!
  14. What a beautiful watch. I have wanted a Patek forever. I do love my Omega though.
  15. gorgeous watch!!