My 1st Paddy ......

  1. I was strolling through my local NM last night and as usual decided to peruse the handbags and look what was on the sale table. This beauty was there - original price $1860 on sale for $1302 and additional 25% off - total with tax $1052.18. I am so excited - my very 1st paddy. I am in love with the mousse color and the silver hardware.

    I am in trouble, however as I purchased bluegenie's leshammy chamois Edith about a week ago - which I also adore. I did not realize it was hers at the time, but did suspect that it had to be someone from here when she told me she was glad Edith was going to good home. Only someone from here would say that. I will post pictures of her later on the Edith thread.
    paddy 003.JPG paddy 008.JPG
  2. Ah, you're the person who bought Blu's Chamois on ebay! Right before she left for vacation she emailed me that someone from PF bid and won it! I was waiting for the post about it! :biggrin: What a great deal you got for such a wonderful bag - I hope you're enjoying it. I have the Chamois as well and it is my favorite Edith color.

    Love your Paddy too, and another great price for a great bag!!
  3. Congrats
  4. Congrats bark! Love the mousse. Which NM? Did they have more?
  5. Wow, you got a great deal for a very pretty color and style Paddy. Love the silver hw on the mousse. Congrats!
  6. That is gorgeous!! Congrats on a great find!
  7. Congratulations! I just love Mousse! You will love wearing this beauty! Enjoy!
  8. Congrats to both beautiful siblings. I'm soo with you I just love my paddy and Edith. I took Edith out today and couldn't stop staring at her.
  9. congratulations, bark!! The mousse is such a pretty color:love: and what a great deal!!!!!

    which NM and did they have more??:yes:
  10. What a wonderful color you chose and beautiful paddy you have. Congrats.
  11. Congrats! I love the colour!!
  12. Love the Mousse pocket Paddy! Congrats!
  13. Oh wow, what a gorgeous color! Congrats on your chloe purchase! The purse is to die for! :heart:
  14. that is a very pretty color , and congrats on getting it @ that price
  15. That is an amazing deal! You took wonderful pics of the color too!