My 1st Paddy!! *PICS*

  1. Well I am finally posting pics of my 1st Paddy that I won on eBay.:smile: It was used, but I got a great it at a great price.:tup: I also want to thank the wonderful ladies who helped authenticate it for me (Lescoy, you're terrific!!);) I love this bag & this forum.


  2. Absolutely gorgeous:drool:, Congrats!!!
  3. It's lovely!! Congratulations on your first!!!! Gotta love this forum and eBay, no? =D

    What color is your paddy, btw??
  4. Congratulations!! that leather looks scrumptious:drool:
  5. Love it!
  6. :woohoo: Is gorgeous!!! CONGRATS!!!!
  7. Beautiful!!!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!!

  9. It is Jaune, which is a kind of yellowish color. I personally think it is kind of beige with yellow undertones. I love the color!
  10. Thanks everyone for the compliments!! I love my paddy soooo much. I used to be a Coach girl, but NOT anymore. I really love the leather on both of my Chloe's. The quality is Amazing.
  11. i'm so happy for you! put her to good use:nuts:
  12. Are you sure it's used? It looks new new new!!:yahoo:Beautiful pebbly smooshy leather! Yummy!:drool:
    Congrats on your gorgeous first paddy! :heart:
    Many more will be coming your way soon:graucho:....:sweatdrop:....:yes:...
  13. ^I agree! It does look brand new!

    And the color is lovely. Perfect for summer! =D
  14. What a great color--perfect for summer!

  15. There is a small spot on the bottom of the bag (no one will see it but me) and the inside was quite dirty. The outside looks new except where the lock has peeled a little. I heard that all the locks do this, so it doesn't bother me. I thought I loved my Betty the most, but now I think I am loving my Paddy more!!:heart: