My 1st new thread - pics of my Black Patent Betty

  1. I was/am an MJ devotee, but have lately been enamored of Chloe bags. I LOVE patent leather bags and big bags. I was not crazy about MJ's large patent bowler so I decided to go with Betty and I love her so much. My pictures aren't great so bear with me.
    patent 004.JPG patent 001.JPG patent 002.JPG
  2. I love it - it looks super cute on you!:biggrin:
  3. Really Great bag. That is the exact one I wanted. Congrats!
  4. It looks great on you!!
  5. I love it! It's so fresh and yummy! I so want a black one now....
  6. I love those pockets and the size looks perfect, congrats!
  7. That looks fantastic on you! Congrats and enjoy her!
  8. Wow, that is gorgeous!! This is the first time I've seen a pic of the Black Patent Betty. It looks great on you!
  9. What a beaute... that's my fav betty!
  10. Love it!!! Congratulations!
  11. congrats!! its gorgeous!! Loves it!
  12. I am sooo into patent leather right now! That bag is GORGEOUS!!
  13. Beautiful ! ! !