My 1st NEW Caviar flap Chanel worried about wear and tear! Is this scratching normal?

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  1. Hey guys, my first time on this forum I love it!! I just bought this new handbag, hope you guys like it- its a bit of a variation from the classic style! Problem is I have only worn it once and I've noticed on the flap where you twist to close the bag that it is scratching the edging of the CC and is eating away a little on the inside edge. Have you found this to happen? What should i do? I've only had the bag for a few weeks! Please help! what do you all think?
    IMG_1254.JPG chanel.jpg
  2. I can't really picture exactly what you mean, but after only a few weeks of wear I wouldn't expect any defects at all (unless they were caused by the wearer). I'd take it back & exchange it.
  3. hmm, i have no tips to give you cuz i'm a newbie chanel owner also, but cant you send your bag to chanel to have it refurbished ? that's what the SA at Saks told me. i dont know if you have to pay, but the SA said it's the same policy no matter where you are in the world. p.s. i LOVE ur bag! congrats!
  4. i m guess she's talking about the hardware clasp, when she closed the bag, the CC logo would hit the twist ?
  5. Do you mean the hardware? Best to take it to Chanel and have them check it out. Sorry you are having problems with your Classic. It's gorgeous btw.
  6. Yeh its the hardware when you twist! Sorry I couldnt take photos of it coz its hard to capture the scratches in a photo.
  7. I'd really try to exchange if possible. You only used it once. If they send it to be repaired by Chanel, it can take a while. I've waited 10-12 weeks to get a bag back.
  8. Thanks guys! Do you find the hardware scratches eaasily? Is there anyway to prevent or fix scratches on the hardware?

  9. Nope.....
  10. Welcome, and I love your bad. I am not sure if there is anything that could be done about the scratches. Maybe, it would be a good idea to see if they could exchange it, because I don't think what is happening to your purse is very common.
  11. Does your camera has a macro mode? If so, you can just activate this mode and aim at the chipped clasp or the problem spot to show us. Have you discussed this issue with your SA? By the way, your bag is lovely.
  12. :shocked: scratches???

    Oh no, like suggested already - I'd exchange it for another.
    The style is adorable!
  13. I like your flap bag. What is the name of this style?
  14. Your bag looks awesome!!! Hope your SA can help you out.
  15. I don't think this is a manufacturing problem, I think you should press the flap further down with one hand while the other hand twist the clasp to avoid scratches. That's what I do with my flap bags....but eventually as you use the bag more often scratches might eventually show up. I have been very careful with mine but still the twist clasp of mine still has some scratches on it.