My 1st Nephew !! ***PICS***

  1. He was born today !!!
    Saturday 8/4 at 2:11 PM - Weight 6 lbs 13 oz...

    Issac Javier :yahoo::smile::wlae:

    Just Chillin

    Ready to throw a punch fool !!! I need a bath!!!
    Streching .... finally!! all this people wont leave me alone - Im so tired ....
  2. Hes adorable!!! Congratulations!
  3. So cute! Congrats!
  4. Very sweet! Congratulations :smile:

    You must be a very proud aunt!
  5. ver cute baby, congrats auntie!!! I mean Tia Gris!!
  6. Aww how sweet, congrats! Take deep sniffs of that newborn scent before it's gone!
  7. Such a cutie pie!! Congrats :biggrin:
  8. He's one gorgeous baby - I reckon he'll break some hearts when he gets older.
  9. Thanks Girls!!!

    I just thank God for him and that he is healthy.My sister had some problems in the delivery, nurse came into her room and we couldnt hear his heart, his umbilical cord was strapped on his neck and could not breath so docs had to do a C section. It was very scary specially when like 20 docs came into the room running screaming at us asking us to leave and wait in the waiting room, they would not tell us what was going on. All the docs and nurses and even the fire marshall running.. OMG I was so scary for them, until my Mom told me everything was OK and saw him I just cryed I was so happy to see him.
  10. Congrats on your new nephew~ Very Cute!
  11. awww, he is adorable! I remember when my sis gave birth! Now I'm an auntie of 4!
  12. wow!Very cute baby!Congrats!
  13. WONDERFUL! Congrats!!!
  14. Wow his birth sounded scary, glad he's ok. He had a rough birth, cute little guy. Congrats and so glad to hear he was born so wonderfully healthy!