My 1st Mulberry Reveal! Question: Keep or not?

  1. It looks fantastic on you both cross body and handheld, not overwhelming at all.
  2. I have midnight blue silk snake Alexa in regular size and I am short too.
    So I bring the strap to a cobbler's shop and have it shortened by 5 inches.
    Now I really enjoy carrying it cross body and on the shoulder. Maybe you can try?
  3. I think it looks fine but only you can decide.
  4. My honest opinion is that it looks too big on you from the picture.;)
    It looks better held in the hand than cross body.
    Hope you make the right decision.
  5. I think it looks nice worn both ways but particularly on the arm :smile: the colour is gorgeous!
  6. Gorgeous bag! - and you rock it in crook of arm! - but I agree with the general consensus that it does look a little overwhelming when crossbody - but, as I think someone else pointed out - it looks more so with bare legs - and with super toned slender ones like that - the more so - but with jeans, longer skirts I think it would look fine - I have similar prob but am much taller, so I think that balances it out!! But I would keep - all said, it suits you well:love:
  7. Its gorgeous but it does look bigger than regular i have a few regular alexas and yours looks bigger
  8. Wow :love: why a beautiful bag... Congrats!!

    SHe looks beautiful when held but agree cross body she looks a lot bigger, thought it was the o/s! have u tried her with jeans???
  9. It looks great x
  10. I've started a couple of threads revealing my regular Alexa and my mini Alexa, so check them out :smile:

    How did you get on with jeans? The weather where you are sounds fab - here in the UK, it's been raining for what feels like every day of this year so far! :rain:
  11. It looks great and classic!! Keep it!
  12. Yes keep it as it looks great on you. It is definitely the regular and I personally don't think your height makes much difference which ever way you style.
  13. Gorgeous bag but I do find it a little big on you crossbody. Looks great on your arm though!
  14. I like the bag and i like it on your arm.It looks big on you crossbody when you are wearing summer clothes.I think it isn't so when you wear a cardigan or something.