My 1st Mulberry - Chocolate Patent Bayswater

  1. :yahoo:My 1st Mulberry. I'm beginning to think I should have got a plain leather version but that may just have to be a later purchase :graucho:



    What do you guys think, is this the first time Mulberry have produced this bag in patent leather? Do you think it will last? I like it but i'm a bit fickle with my bags and if I think they're out of fashion I generally won't carry them.
  2. Love the colour, so rich and beautiful! The bayswater is such a classic bag, it will not go out of style anytime soon, imo. There might be a slight black patent overload next year, since there is such a hype right now, but I think the colour you have will last much longer!
  3. I agree, the colour is great and I can't see it dating. It looks like a classic.
    Well done...
  4. Audrey II: AMAZING purchase. I am a huge Bayswater fan. I have the Black Darwin Leather and the Red Rio. I think they are delightful bags that are timeless. And this color brown in patent on this bag is TO DIE FOR!!!

    Awesome choice!
  5. Although not a fan of patent leather, this bag looks amazing:love:! As already mentioned, I think that your color choice will keep the bag from becoming dated & remember: trends repeat. Enjoy your lovely bag.
  6. I love patent leather and think you only have to be careful with fads if the bag is over-styled. The studded patent Giles Roxanne, for example, was very of-the-moment. The Bayswater (and Mabel for that matter) is much plainer in styling and I think this means the bag will still remain stylish once the patent trend is over.

    I'm currently lusting after the grey patent bags..... if only the Mabel came with a shoulder strap :tdown:

    Love the chocolate Bayswater - you should carry it with pride, imo.
  7. I must admit I am not a fan of the patent - but this looks divine and it is in such a classic styles - congrats its a beauty!:yahoo:
  8. I must also admit that I'm not a fan of patent ( particularly black) but in that gorgeous brown colour I think it will be a classic you can continue to use for years. Also being patent you won't have the watermark worries etc that you have with the natural leather. Well done. I think it's gorgeous! Fancy doing some modelling pics????
  9. Thanks everyone:heart:
    It's obviously a classic shape and a classic colour. I'll try to take modelling pics though i'm no model!!
  10. Stunning!
  11. so beautiful!!!
  12. looks gorgeous!!! i wana get the purple though...
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS A STUNNER!!!!! I seriously belive that will never go out of fashion,its far too classic, and I'm sure there will always be ocassions that will call for a bag as truly gorge as that,and it will make you sooooooooooo glad you bought it!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. nothing at all to do with bags!!! saw your little cake message at the bottom and it made me laugh out loud,I was'nt expecting that sort of thing to pop up on here,an then I thought I bet thats a girlie from this side of the pond!!! And you are!!!! Hello!!!!xxxx
  15. :p, Hello, made my day that you got that!!