my 1st mono... :)


Jun 14, 2009

As a guy, I've never thought of using LV monogram before, i always get my bags/wallets in Damier Graphite...

But not this time, the Monogram Macassar has really caught my eyes since i saw picture on the net :smile: This one is the Bass MM, the GM size does not come with the zip pocket in the back & it's also much smaller. Got this piece in London on the very 1st day when it arrives last friday ;)

Hope you like it too... the Keepall 55 is also really nice, maybe it will be my next target.


Deleted member 20806

Wow, i love it. I'm a guy too and never thought I would buy a mono bag (all of my bags are Damier ebene) but this bag is very nice! I love the black leather on mono, makes me almost want to buy it lol.