My 1st MM bag

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  1. Hello MM lovers, just wanna share I bought my first MM bag yesterday ;)

    Attached Files:

  2. :heart: it.

    What colour is it?
  3. it's cute!
  4. congrat! :woohoo:
  5. Nice.. Is it clafskin or lambskin?
  6. congrats!
  7. Very cute! :smile:
  8. its so the colour ematite or argilla?
  9. congrats :biggrin:
  10. so pretty ! congrats xx
  11. So cute! you got it in store or online?
  12. I noticed you said "first" MM, I hope that means you'll be adding more!

  13. It's Fumo
  14. Calf leather

  15. The colour is Fumo