My 1st MJ stam is coming home this weekend!!!!!

  1. ohhhh, i am soooo excited!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

    I saw so many photos of it. it is such a cute bag!!!! :heart: :heart:

    So i ordered from my SA@NM however, i have not yet seen it in person or tried it on. I hope i will not be disappointed!!!! :graucho:

    Ohh, cannot wait~~~~:love:
  2. HermesBB, congrats! Which color did you decide on? Is it on the way to you? Can't wait to see yours. Stam is beautiful, hope you will love yours. =)
  3. Thanks bag.lover.:love: I ordered black with regular calf leather. I am not sure about the shiny patent blk...

    Actually, it is on the way to my local nm and i will pick it up this Sat. In case it is not good in person (which i highly doubted :P ) , i can just return it right there.
  4. Congrats! Please post pics when you get it. Isn't it exciting knowing a beautiful bag is on it's way? I love that part!
  5. I can't wait to see pics either! Let us know. Congrats.
  6. HermesBB, waiting to hear from you. =) Let us know, please post pics if she's coming home with you. =)))

  7. Ohh so excited for you. Please share pics with us when you get it. =)
  8. Thanks guys. U r sooo sweet.

    Ok, i took a few pictures. Here u go
    DSC_3026.jpg DSC_3023.jpg
  9. I took it out for a spin already. To blockbuster in fact. :amuse: I love it that u can carry it on the crook of my arm, chain on shoulder or handle on shoulder. Very versatile and very large as well. I can fit all my essential stuff in and the bag does not look bulky at all. :yes:

    It is perfect for my daily use. The leather seems very thick and durable. I have not yet had any problem with the kisslock yet.

    I really love this one. I am usually a jeans girl, the funky style really matches up well. :biggrin: Just love it :love:
  10. YAY! Congrats, I hope you will love her. Black is my favorite Stam color... not because it looks great sitting there on its own (some of the other colors look so much more tempting!), but because it will make ANY outfit look great! :heart:
  11. HermesBB, congrats! =)
    Beautiful Stam, glad you love it! =)
  12. That's what a perfect bag is all about, right there!! :] Same way I feel about about my balenciaga :]
  13. :love: congrats on your new MJ Stam! it looks so beautiful!!! congrats!
  14. Thanks daisy. I love the black and gold hardware combo. Very retro :amuse:

    It goes well with ALL my casual outfits. Cannot wait to take it to school :rolleyes: :P
  15. Thanks bag.lover. When i saw it IRL. I know it will be a good daily bag :graucho: There was also a metallic bronze stam and a new black stam hobo on the shelf. The bronze is beautiful too, but i still prefer the black more. The hobo is even bigger than the regular stam and the opening is not the kisslock. I guess i like the granny purse style more :amuse: :P