My 1st MJ...Quilted Stella!!!

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I fell in love with this bag when I saw it at a designer consignment store. It's my first MJ bag, but I love the quality of the leather and everything about it. Can you tell me a little bit more about the bag? I don't know how much it originally retailed for, but I picked it up for $595 in excellent condition. Did I get a good deal? Thanks so much!!
  2. I did not know that they ever made a quilted Stella - I've only seen it in the soft calf. Could you post a picture? I'd love to see it!
  3. I just found a pic of it online. I got it in black.

  4. Gorgeous! I believe the Stella retailed for around $1K, so if it's in excellent condition, you got a good deal.

  5. OMG you got a great deal!!! Lovely bag!!! Classic!! Congrats!!
  6. That is such a great deal! Congrats, the bag is gorgeous, I can't wait to see modeling pics.
  7. It's a beautiful bag, congrats! Post some pics!
  8. Sounds gorgeous. Post pics!!
  9. It's a great looking bag.
  10. wow thats gorgeous.
  11. That's a beautiful bag--congrats!!
  12. Lovely bag!! Enjoy!
  13. That is a gorgeous bag. Many congratulations to you on your 1st and hopefully one of many MJ bags. I was a Coach gal, but my favorite purse associate at Nordies pulled out a MJ bag on one of my power shopping expeditions and I was hooked. I seriously looked at an MJ quilted bag last night.
  14. I love it, I never knew the Stella came in the quilted style!
  15. what a great way to start off your collection. pictures! pictures! please?