my 1st miu miu (and a new prada) :)

  1. My new (and first!) miu miu which my bf got me :smile: It's uber gorgeous and the leather is just to-die-for! More miu mius to come!:yahoo:

    (and also throwing in 2 photos of a new prada which I bought myself not too long back.
    Does anyone happen to know the name/style or anything that you can tell me about this prada bag (all the studs are in gold)? Cos I didnt get this from the prada store itself but through a friend from Italy :smile:)
    p/s: Sorry about the lousy quality photos
  2. Congrats, the Miu Miu is gorgeous! :drool:

    I am not sure about the Prada bag, I'm definitely not an expert. But there are a few super knowledgeable members around, hopefully they'll show up soon :smile:
  3. Congrats! I love both! do you mind me asking where you got it? thanks
  4. Congrats- the bags are super cute!!
  5. Great choice, congrats on your 1st Miu Miu bag. =)
    Your Prada bag is lovely too, you look great with it.
  6. Thanks for sharing in my joy, everyone! :smile:

    laksalala: Both were from Milan, Italy direct (albeit purchased through friends). My friend had difficulty getting the Miu miu in dark brown earlier on (as the SAs said that this was a past design) but she managed to get it in the Milan shop per se.
  7. Gorgeous!
  8. Wow!! I love that Miu Miu!!! I see more and more of them here and I like it better each time I see it!! Congrats!!!
  9. wow! both bags are just divine! congrats!
  10. love both, congrats!!
  11. congrats, the bag looks so soft.
  12. I really love the brown Miu Miu - I'd love to get that bag but am calling a halt after too many bag purchases recently!
  13. Great bag! :graucho: That was my first Miu Miu too.

    I hope you don't mind me posting the picture of your's...
  14. omg i want that miumiu bag!!
    can you guys pls tell me how much is it?
    im new to miumiu
  15. Love that miu miu!