My 1st Mini MAC! Black with Rose Gold HW <3

  1. Here are a couple of mod pics :smile: I'm 5'5" in case anyone wanted to know for bag size reference.
    Please excuse the terrible quality -they're blackberry changeroom pics and there was dust on the mirror LOL I'll take some better pics with my camera at home soon, so you can see the leather and hw better.
    RM RG 3.jpg RM RG 1.jpg
  2. awesome!! she looks so lush. a red/gold would look great on you too!!! :graucho:
  3. Hlad you picked the rose gold. Very pretty! :smile:
  4. Omgosh how were you able to special order it? I looked EVERYWHERE for a black snakeskin/python with rose gold...but settled for a black with gold hardware. Still love it though, but a girl can dream! I just thought that if it wasn't in season, I had to pick something else. Yours is gorgeous! :smile:
  5. I love the bag! It looks very nice on you, and love the hunter boots:biggrin:

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  6. I just saw this thread...the rose gold looks awesome against the black! Congrats!!
  7. Love this color combo!
  8. Love it =) Great boots too by the way ^^
  9. OMG black snakeskin + RG hardware would be gorg!! :love: My black + RG was a special order through a boutique my friend works for :smile:
  10. Thank you all!! :heart: LOVING using this bag so much!!
    p.s. Unfortunately it's freezing again where I live, so my Hunters are back out!!
  11. i'm not really a big fan of rose gold hardware but this one looks so good. congrats, you'll love it!
  12. wow that is beautiful! congrats on your new mini mac :smile:
  13. Very beautiful! I'm on the hunt for a crossbody bag and I've been looking at the Mini Mac. Congrats!
  14. OMG just discovered this thread, this is gorgeous!! I am totally hoping they re-release black/rose gold MACs!
  15. Lovely..CONGRATS!!!!!