My 1st MC purse...Advice???

  1. So i've been getting MC accessories but not any handbag yet. And I had decided to put all the money I have right now for the last bag of 2007 with my 1st MC purse....THe thing is I'm not sure which to get.

    1st choice: Ursula ( :sweatdrop: expensive for the moment but it's totally worth it )

    however, I kinda go back and forth between the Ursula and the other ones. I usually order from Eluxury & never go to boutique so I can't try any on.

    Can you guys post up your MC & model picture for me to see how big your MC are?

    2nd: Trouville, Priscilla, Lodge PM, Boulogne or Audra.

    I love the Trouville but most of my LV are handheld & i'm trying to get something I can wear on my shoulder. So if you were to get a MC, which would you choose as your 2nd choice? :confused1:
  2. priscilla! :dothewave:
  3. I just got the black Priscilla and she is wonderful. I think she holds as much as my azur speedy 25!
    I really love the Ursula too though!
  4. ^ how much can it hold? it seem like a small purse. but gosh it's so cute...lolz
  5. I really like the ursula or the trouville. I really don't know how the ursula would look though, it seems a little too big especially on my frame, but again I am only 5'1.
  6. yea...i like the look of the ursula but it's HUGE! The priscilla fits a little more than a speedy 25.
  7. 1st pick: MC Ursula (absolutely gorgeous and worth every pretty penny)

    2nd pick: MC Aurelia MM or GM (shoulder bag)

    3rd pick: MC Trouville
  8. The Ursula, it's such a gorgeous bag.
  9. I love the Ursula but its really heavy. I have the trouville and boulogne both are great bags.
  10. This is me with my black MC Ursula.. Im 1.6m, ard 50kg. Its quite a big Bag IMO. And heavy too.. Take tt into consideration when purchasing.. Cos its quite heavy i seldom use it.. I koe Karman got pics of her with the Aurelia..
  11. My vote goes to Priscilla or Trouville.
  12. I'd go with the priscilla. The ursula is HUGE!!!
  13. Uh oh :sweatdrop:...I'm pretty short. only 5'2. I saw it on Ashley Tishdale & I thought it's cute. Plus most of the MC are hand-held & I want something for the shoulder instead. Is it really bulky and how heavy? I usually have tons of stuff with me so that would make it extra heavy right?

    ps. By the way, how tall is Ashley?
  14. Vote #1-- Ursula -- soo gorgeous and a great shoulderbag

    Vote #2-- Trouville -- so classy

    Good luck-- tough choice!
  15. ^ it is gorgeous but the other member said it's heavy.

    Yeah it is a tough choice.