My 1st MC Ever.....Speedy, of Course!!

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  1. Finally....after looking high and low for the "perfect" color combo (and yes, I'm one of those super picky color combo freaks), I have finally acquired my first MC item....the Black MC Speedy to add to the collection!!! I've always wanted one with the Navy Blue & Lime Green LV on the front pocket but definitely wanted a nice variety of colors on the front of the bag as well. It seemed like I would never find it until I went to one of the NorCal LVs! I also got my initials heatstamped in a blue that kind of matches the blue on the pocket. My fave color is green but the SA assured me the green was not that great in the heatstamping realm of colors so I went with blue.

    So without further new addition to the LV family! For a girl who never really loved the Speedy style. I'm sure accumulating a lot of them in my collection. Haha. Time to spray all the vachetta w/ protectant!

    And thanks to MJ & Mich for helping me choose this bag! Much mahalos to you.


    I love the colors, the black, and the heat stamp!


    :yahoo: :party: :yahoo:
  3. Yay! Congrats! Love the heat stamping on that!
  4. Gorgeous :nuts: Breath taking :drool: Congrats :yahoo:
  5. Beautiful!
  6. Fantastic and beautiful!
  7. I love: that color combo, heat stamped initials, and pics of course!!!! Congrats on the new HOT bag!!! :yahoo:

    OT: What kinda camera do you have? :drool:
  8. oh my...:drool::drool::drool::drool: CONGRATS its so pretty!!:dothewave:
  9. Pretty! Love the heat stamp. Your pix are so clear and crisp! Congratz!!!
  10. SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!!! WOW....CONGRATS!!! :smile:
  11. Beautiful! Nice color combo!
  12. OMG, 'tis beautiful! I have an MC Speedy and before I joined the tPF, I had never considered looking at the color combinations prior to purchasing. You are going to make me go back and look at my bag all over again!!!

    Congrats on the new bag and enjoy!!!
  13. Cute! I love the heatstamp! I didn't know you could get it done on handbags!
  14. i love it! the color combo is amazing!!! love your heatstamp too!
  15. thank you couture_girl, robbins65, miss piggy, bagfetish, dolcetlb, john 5, kellylv, rileygirl, antonie, westie lv'er, sfennell14, jellybebe!!! :love:

    john: i use a canon digital rebel xt for this group of pics. :smile:

    rileygirl: thank you! i love your new black mc audra and still can't get over your hubby doing such a great undercover work. :roflmfao:

    sfennell14: it's funny how color combos are all pretty different once you start paying attention to them. would love to see a photo of yours! :smile:

    jellybebe: yup, you sure can on the mc speedy and alot of the other handbags. just need to ask your SA what is feasible to heatstamp vs. what isn't. :yes: