My 1st MBMJ! woohoo!

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  1. I'm so excited! Today is my birthday and DH surprised me with my first MBMJ bag - the Faridah! This is the most comfortable shoulder bag I've ever carried. I love how soft the leather is and all the pockets make it so organized. I just love it!!! :yahoo:

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  2. Happy Birthday! Congrats on your new Faridah!!!
  3. That is a beautiful bag! :drool: Congrats!!
  4. :balloon:HAPPY BIRTHDAY!:balloon: Happy birthday to you, oh happy birthday to you, happy birthday DEAR CROCHETBELLA happy birthday to you! :balloon::balloon::balloon::balloon:

    (Gorgeous bag!)
  5. Thank you all so much! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  6. :flowers:Happy Birthday!:flowers:

    Enjoy your great gift!:smile:
  7. i LOVE the colouR! it's perfect for spring! happy birthday!
  8. another bday! happy birthady to you! i love your new bag. cream colored bags are so pretty. :love:
  9. So pretty! You just made me super excited to receive my Faridah in the mail (i'm getting the grass)
  10. HAPPY BDAY & congrats on the present.
  11. happy birthday! its gorgeous
  12. congrats! the bag looks GREAT
  13. LOVE IT!!!! GOOD HUSBAND...can he give mine a call? On Valentines day I recieved crest whitestrips - seriously! Nothing like a trip to Walgreens to say I LOVE YOU!
  14. Wow, very nice!! Congrats!!! Very good husband indeed!!!
  15. happy birthday! I'd put a smiley face balloon, but I can't work out how to do one!

    your faridah is gorgeous! I haven't seen one in cream before