My 1st Marc Jacobs and its a Blake!

  1. So I ran into this bag yesterday and fell in LOVE.....
  2. GORGEOUS! Congrats!!!
  3. WOW great choice! Bordeaux blake has been one one the most talked about combos this season. Congratulations!
  4. It's beautiful!!! My first MJ bag was a black blake but this bordeaux is just gorgeous. Great choice. Congratulations!!! :smile:
  5. OOOOOOOO. . .congrats it beautiful! That color. . .
  6. perfect choice and welcome to the addicting world of mj! the bag looks beautiful on you and it's in the best color released for the fall season no less. congrats!
  7. Love it! Congrats.
  8. Thanks everyone....I didn't how popular this bag was until I came home and looked it up on the forum. But I LOVE anything in burgendy so this is a win win for me.
  9. Welcome to the world of Mark:woohoo:;)!!!! Congrats on the fab find!
  10. Woo Hoo, another Bordeaux!! :nuts: Excellent choice for your first MJ...congrats!!!
  11. Now I am hooked and want a plain Multipocket! but what colour????
  12. WOW!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! Congrats!! It looks FaB! That's a perfect first MJ bag! :yahoo:
  13. Fantastic!!
  14. Very pretty! I just love the totability of the blake! Enjoy it!

  15. Congrats! Welcome to MJ Obession! :p Definitely check out the Multipocket in this's GORGEOUS!