My 1st LV.........

  1. Well, I received my first LV today after trying to decide between several bags. I decided on this one for my 1st. I never believed I would think about another bag after I got my hands on an LV. But, I am already starting to think about which LV I would like next........:nuts:

    I purchased this one from a MPRS on eBay. Thanks to all the wonderful ladies that helped me authenticate it.

    I will try to attach a picture....... I :heart: it.

  2. Congrats on your first piece! Yes, you're like the rest of us; as soon as we get one LV, we're ready for another!
  3. Congrats! Great bag, and yes, it does not take long to buy a second bag. There is no going back after your first LV:love:, I know.:shame:
  4. Congratulations!!! Yes, it's very addicting.......
  5. It's darling!! Congrats and enjoy!:yes:
  6. Beautiful..congrats on your first the patina on your bag..
  7. Congrats !
  8. That is gorgeous! I cannot wait to get my first LV. :love:
  9. Congrats on your 1st bag, watch out LV is sooooooo addicting:yes:
  10. Congratulations - its a great bag!!
  11. OOOHHHH beautiful!!!! the patina on it is absolutly perfect! enjoy it! :heart:
  12. :yes: it is perfect:love:
    *congratulations* Welcome to your addiction, enjoy the ride.:yahoo:
  13. Congrats!!
  14. Oh, I really like this one! Welcome to LV, mwahahaha now there is no turning back ;)
  15. congrats! the bucket was one of my first few LVs too.
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