My 1st LV bag.......I think

  1. Well to start off this is the 1st LV bag I have bought for myself, last year I copped a Damier Parioli for my mom and A Damier Knightsbridge for my ex( Who I think only got 600 for it on eBay when we Broke up:wtf:) But anyway I got myself a Keepall 55( is that considered a bag) with the shoulder strap In Monogram Canvas for myself today at the LV in Caesars Forum Shops in Vegas. I have kinda wanted one for a while, but after weeks of listening to Kanye West songs I think he subliminally made me go buy it. LOL After hitting a couple of numbers playing roulette I said why not!

    At any rate, I was dead set on the monogram canvas now I am having second thoughts and thinking about Damier Canvas..... I mean I going to build luggage around it and I think the monogram has more options so we will see.

    I see how LV can be addicting,hell I went back and bought a buisness card holder like and hour later.

    As a reformed sneaker junkie, and a bit of a gucci fiend this might get ugly in the near future!

    Im already looking for my mom this christmas
  2. the Keepall Badouliere is a great first bag. every LV lover should have one. welcome to the brown side!
  3. I am currently on a ban, LV addiction is real bad 4 me!!!!!
  4. Yes, LV is VERY addicting!!!!! I bought my first piece about 6 months ago and now I have 12 pieces.
  5. Yeah I could get ugly when I say sneaker junkie it was bad son........ Nike Air Max 95s I have em in 56 different colors.... and doubles and tripples of the hot colors.

    Im already planning a LV messenger bag and more luggage.
  6. Yes, LV is quite addicting and this forum doesn't help! LOL You'll love it here...welcome! Congrats on your new LV!!
  7. Yeah! Good for you!
  8. I understand...its very addicting...i just got my 1st piece about 3 days ago...and I'm going back next week to buy another!!! btw I love your screen name lol I'm a serious Clipse fan
  9. i know what u mean about the kanye west songs...i think he caused me to buy my first lv too lol