My 1st LP :) Dylan Large Shoulder Bag Turquoise

  1. so after months of wanting a LP and ordering and cancelling order several times lol i finally have my very 1st LP bag :yahoo:. the leather is really soft as what everyone has claimed and gosh it almost feels like i'm touching suede! just for fun i've taken a few pics of my dylan large shoulder bag in turquoise (fyi all pics taken indoor with flash at night)

    proper introduction (the dustbag is huge! does anyone uses it by itself :p)

    smooshy unstructure with my new hello kitty phone charm (lol x'mas tree!?!?)


    my perfect summer bag friend 1 shoulder and 1 handheld perfect complement :lol:

    this is how i look like when i'm totally filled up!
    P6111999.JPG P6112011.JPG P6112012.JPG P6112008.JPG P6112016.JPG
  2. overhead view of what is filling me up

    details of content (no joke this is what i initially planned to carry on my 1st trip but it's too heavy lol from all the stuff so i've decided to trom down and split into a dh bag with baby stuff and my bag :biggrin:)

    pics to show the magnetic and zip exterior pockets size


    P6112017.JPG P6112020.JPG P6112021.JPG P6112022.JPG P6112023.JPG
  3. my hand barely fits into the zip pocket thankfully i'm using a low end slim phone which fits fine inside the pocket :sweatdrop:

    and just for fun this is where i "sleep" with all my friends lol

    the box has no more space for any new addition. i'm so happy all my bags can fit inside 1 box nicely hehe.

    lastly a family pic of LP with all her friends :smile:

    thanks for letting me share :flowers:
    P6112025.JPG P6112015.JPG P6112013.JPG P6112014.JPG
  4. Congrats!!! LP leather is so fabulous! I have the turquoise medium tote and love the color sooo much! I didn't like the look of the shoulder bag at first, but after seeing several peoples reveals, I'm reconsidering!! Yours is gorgeous!
  5. Beautiful bag, glad you love it! Your collection is awesome!
  6. Nice!
  7. congrats.. the bag holds many things which is good!
  8. Looks beautiful, enjoy your new bag!! :smile:
  9. thanks for all the nice words :hbeat: (found this new smiley on tpf hehe)

    piosavsfan if u are looking for a bag that works great with all casual outfit i highly recommend this bag. imo the design and style is simple yet with some edge and not too much emblishment for it to be dated

    tonij2000 i love your collection! mine is really just a small family lol

    Blo0ondi capacity wise i guess it can be classify as large but personally i'll rate it as medium. when i filled it all up the magnetic closure barely closes and i'll be really worried about stuff falling off. plus the single roll handle does not feel comfy when the bag is too heavy (which is totally understandable :p)

    babidius LindaP thanks for dropping by to share my bag happiness!
  10. Congrats!!! I love the Turquoise ... a beautiful colour. And you're right .. the leather is SOOOO soft. I love how they use the magnetic closures ... I like that so much better than snaps.

    She's a beauty! Thanks for sharing.
  11. I have it too... I LOVE this color
  12. Gorgeous bag! Love the color. Congrats!
  13. Moonstarr, iheartbags17, BAL_Fanatic thanks! :yes:

    1 good news to share - i did not protect my bag before use and it got wet accidentally on 1 corner but it dries up with no water spot :nuts:
  14. That is good news! I have used my Turquoise Med Dylan Tote a few times and still haven't protected it ... so now I'm not so worried! :smile: Maybe I'll take it out again this week.
  15. Oh, I'm late to the reveal party!

    ms p- Can't go wrong with the turquoise shoulder bag... wonderful choice! And you're right... this LP and your azure speedy will be the only two bags you will need for spring/summer!