My 1st LP: Dylan Croco Double Zippy in Viola!

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm an LP newbie and just got my first LP -- I'm loving it! The color and leather is amazing. The leather is so soft yet feels very durable. After 1.5 day's use it's already softening even more, becoming a little less structured. The viola is so cool; I love how it changes with the lighting. The brass studs give it an edge. It is my favorite bag in regards to organization, accessibility, and functionality, too. I love the zippy!

    BTW, I also purchased my first LP belt today for $15!
  2. That is exciting to hear kdo! I just ordered the dylan croco shoulder bag in viola! It is due to arrive next week so you just made me even more excited to get it!

    Congrats! Did you post pics anywhere?
  3. Thanks, babyblue! No modeling shots yet; I've been too lazy. I'm expecting a couple pairs of boots the next couple of days and will do a photo shoot!:P You will love it!