My 1st Kooba...Elisha or Devin?

  1. I love the bow on these bags...which should I get the Elisha or the Devin? Any pros/cons to each bag?
  2. I asked this question not too long ago! I went with the Devin because I liked the longer shoulder straps and I liked the rounded duffle look better then the Elisha. But I still do love the Elisha! I can't think of any cons to the Devin....sorry that probably does not help!
  3. I love them both. I think the Elisha is more elegant and the Devin more Casual. The Devin seemed to hold my stuff beter where the Elisha is a "Big Hole" sorta bag. But they are equally great bags.
  4. I say Elisha.....This Kooba is pure perfection!!
  5. OMG look at that Blonde Elisha!:drool:
    That is still my favourite coloured Elisha, but they are soooo hard to find at the moment!
  6. ^^By far my favorite Kooba ever Hal..
  7. Chodessa-
    Is your blonde Elisha pretty true to the color in the photo? Looks pretty neutral but Neiman's calls the color a soft apricot?
  8. Darcy,
    I'd say the pic is true to the color. Here is another pic to reference
  9. Thank you, awesome looking bag!
  10. So glad you posted, Sukey. I, too, am debating my first Kooba purchase. I thought I wanted the Linda, but then I saw all the new bags... There are so many cute styles, it's overwhelming! I love the blonde Elisha, but it looks like it might be too big for my taste (don't like when a bag wears me). Perhaps the blonde Devin then?
  11. That bag is gorgeous on you, Chodessa! I am considering the black Elisha, and appreciate the pic for the size reference. I also like the black Devin.
    Hmmm...what to do, what to do...

    Oh, and your avatar puppies are precious!!!
  12. Thanks, I don't know which I love more.....smooshey baby puppies or a spanking new elisha....:love:
  13. ^ Really love the Elisha in Blonde...I would totally get this bag in a a few different colors LOL...........

    It looks AWESOME on you chodessa!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I am in love with this bag! :love: I.MUST.HAVE.IT. Is it really as soft as it looks?
  15. So, Sukey if you are still there what did you end up with??