My 1st kelly.

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  1. Hi! I am back from Europe with my 32 Evergrain,souple,ebene kelly! Here is a picture. I adore it!
  2. NICE!!!! Congrats! The Kelly is the Epitome of Class and Style!
  3. Such class! Such elegance! I hope you are thrilled to bits with it because it looks gorgeous - and is that you in the background showing this treasure off?
    Phoar - seriously considering ebene now!
    All the best.
  4. GORGEOUS bag......I never considered Evergrain but now I will!!!!!
  5. What a beautiful bag! :smile:
  6. Wow! Just gorgeous - congrats!
  7. Congrats! WHat a nice bag in nice colour and leather! The Paladium and leather shine!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. sweet!
  10. Lovely! Congrats!
  11. beautiful. looks so great on you with those colors you're wearing.
  12. gorgeous -- CONGRATS!!! :woohoo:
  13. Congrats. What a beauty yours is! I just got my first Kelly in a similar combo too. Enjoy!
  14. Gorgeous Kelly and the Ebene looks so luscious in the Evergrain. Congrats!
  15. Congrats to you. It is lovely:heart: