My 1st K stamped Birkin :)

  1. Would like to share photos of my first 2007 Birkin.
  2. To be unveiled ....
  3. Ooh YEAH, Baby!! A fresh one! Take it off!:yahoo:
  4. Peekaboo ...
  5. Presenting Ms Graphite. (picture taken with flashlight)
  6. Ms Graphite again ... (without flashlight)
  7. Last one ... also without flashlight
  8. How strange that photo No 2 and photo No 3 swopped places. Oh well ....

    And please overlook the settee at the back; sent the skirting to the laundry ... sorry.
  9. Gorgeous!! Stunning classic!
  10. Beautiful! Congrats MrsSparkles. Is it box?
  11. ^^ Yes, Cal. It's box. :p
  12. So beautiful! I just read your other thread (silly me!)
  13. :yahoo: OMG! The graphite box! Very classy, Mrs S. Excellent start to the year. ;)

    PS DH is looking over my shoulder & just asked who "Mrs Sexcellent" was - LOL!
  14. you've got it!
    it does look very similar to black doesn't it?
    and gold HW just look GORGEOUS!
  15. MrsS.. CONGRATULATIONS!! ;) :wlae:

    Ps. I can't wait to see the other one... :graucho: