My 1st Ignes and I love it!

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  1. I've been wanting to try one of these bags for ages. I just got a tinted chocolate Gabi from a friend and fellow PFer. I love it even more than I had expected to!

    It has a raspberry suede lining. I love the little details, like the outer side pockets and the *two* inner zip pockets.

    I love the length of the strap but it is much too short to wear cross body. Does anyone know if this strap comes standard or if it was bespoked to this length? For some reason I thought Gabi came with a longer strap.

    This was one of my top choices for style and leather so I am so happy to have received this one! :yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your first Ignes! So glad you are enjoying your bag. Gabrielle really is a great bag, isn't it? I love mine, too.

    What length strap is it? Mine is the standard, pretty long & can be cross body but I never, ever wear bags that way.
  3. Congrats on your first Ignes! Do we get to see pics? :graucho: The Gabrielle is definitely a great style, and love that tinted leather! (Mine's in tinted wine. ;))

    The standard strap definitely can be worn crossbody. I got two straps with mine (one standard, one shortened), and the standard strap has a drop of about 18", or a length of about 34.5" (leather end to leather end, not including the clips). If your strap is shorter, then it was probably bespoked to that length.

    One thing about wearing it crossbody, though, is that the knot (if on the front) tends to hit at a weird spot around my boobs, and can be a little uncomfortable. It's not as bad when worn with the knot on the back, but it still is a knot and therefore feels a little uncomfortable if it lays against your body, IYKWIM. I therefore tend to go crossbody only for shorter periods of time, though it is convenient to be able to wear it crossbody when you want your hands free.
  4. If I am THINKING about the one you described, then that person had the strap shortened to be more of a shoulder bag. I'm sure you could contact Maria and ask her how much would it be for a regular length gabby strap. :biggrin:
  5. Yes, ITA with irainei, if it's the specific chocolate goodness I think you ended up with, the strap is shorting than the norm. Order a longer one!!
  6. Congrats! Do we get to see some pictures?
  7. pics pics!! chocolate goodness must be shared!!
  8. [​IMG]





    Don't mind the background...the only full length mirror is in the room I call the "man cave" :P
  9. I love the drop using the strap that came with the bag, but I think I will contact Maria about a longer strap for those times that it will come in handy.

    The Gabi is slightly bigger than I thought, but that hasn't stopped me from carrying it every day since its arrival. Now I need to figure out what style and tinted leather I want next. :graucho:
  10. Ahh, that's beautiful! Yup, I think that Gabby was ordered with a 12-13" drop, similar to the shorter strap on mine. I definitely find myself using the shorter strap more often, but you're right, that longer strap can come in handy too. As for the next tinted leather, I say go for another classic: Tinted Wine! :P
  11. She's gorgeous! And you look so happy together :graucho: The pics are great!
  12. That Gabrielle looks great on you! Honestly, I think that drop is just perfect and suits you well.

    I have the longer drop and have just dealt with it, but I'm getting inspired by your modeling pics to order a shortened strap as well (esp. since I don't do crossbody).

    Thanks for the great pics!
  13. She looks great on you! Seriously, that tinted chocolate is on of my favorite Ignes leathers. :girlsigh: I love your idea about getting another strap to have flexible carrying options.
  14. Thanks for sharing the chocolate goodness!!! Wow, fantastic and you really rock it!
  15. The color looks very nice, but I'm confused by the comments. It looks just like glossy ink blue, not tinted chocolate?