My 1st Hermes leather item - the MIA Bearn has arrived!!!

  1. Great news... my Bearn has finally arrived!

    Some of you may remember that my Bearn couldn't be delivered last week because of an "incomplete address" - anyway, it has been in this limbo phase for the past week, and I've been calling all the depots in the city to find out which one it ended up in, and found it today!!

    I am in :love: - a lovely Rouge H Bearn Bi-fold with Palladium hardware! It really holds a lot of stuff and stays pretty thin. I hope the leather will be durable... there's already some CC dents after one day.

    Now all I need is the Rouge H Birkin that's in my signature to complete the pair!!
    IMG_1829.JPG IMG_1830.JPG IMG_1831.JPG
  2. WOO HOOO!!!! So glad she made it home safely! She is absolutely gorgeous!
  3. Yay! Congratulations!! She is beautiful!! See? I KNOW she'll turn up!:yes: Btw, I like that green credit card.:flowers:
  4. Congratulations! beautiful bearn! I love the bearn above all wallets!
  5. I love it!!! Congrats! Ahh, what a relief it's finally here:smile:) I'm looking for a Bearn wallet myself but just didn't find the right colour in my store. What's the leather on yours?
  6. Thanks for the good wishes - I think tPF helped with the good karma!

    Funny, the green one is my debit card... not a super exciting, but I do like it since it's Canadian and has the maple leaf on it - and helps keep spending under control!

    Sue - the leather is Chamonix, which is kind of like a matte box. It's very nice and light, but i'm hoping it will be durable enough over time.
  7. Congrats! It looks GREAT!
  8. Now THAT is a gorgeous piece! I hadn't been overly attracted to the wallets... until now... oh dear...:idea:
  9. Thanks, tweetie! She's gorgeous! And red is my favourite colour.:love:
  10. Wow!! that color is gorgeous!:nuts::nuts: Congrats! Hopefully your bearn will find a happy home in your birkin very soon!:wlae:
  11. tweetie, glad she made it home to you! Love the color, congrats!!! :party:
  12. Oh I LOVE the Bern wallet and Chamonix is SUCH a gorgeous leather! Perfect combination....CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Use her all the time!
  13. that's a really pretty item.. i want one as well..
  14. True eye candy!!! She's lovely (and an inspiration for me to hunt one down too ;) )

    I just love the way the ladies on this forum treat themselves to wonderful, timelessly stylish Hermes goodies.

    Thanks for posting!
  15. It is really yummy in that color leather combo. I really sense your happiness and I am so glad for you. That is what it is all about!