my 1st hermes and certainly not the last

  1. yesterday, i convinced dh to come with me at hermes BH wearing just jeans and polo shirt with balenciaga bag. as ive read in the forum...went inside, look around the small accessories (but my eyes are quickly checking out the bags:p ) dh checked the perfume....he didnt like it. i was checking the small leather goods when a SA approached my husband and nicely inquired if we need help...he told her my wife wants to see some bags.

    yay! i thought my dh commited a major faux pas...but she still nice and asked me what im specifically looking for. i told her i want to try the sure she was surprised:p i was informed there's a long wait list for it. she asked me if i want to check out the birkin (chox mini birkin) and kelly (28cm) in display, cant believe my dh is eyeing the birkin. he prefers it more than the kelly. i just told thanks, im not ready for those yet...just want to check out the lindy.

    my dh pointed to me some nice bangles and told me to get myself one. dh asked the SA some questions while im busy choosing. she handed a catalogue/magazine to him.

    at the counter, SA asked me if i want to put myself in the waiting list for lindy:wlae: she was uber nice and i grabbed the chance of telling her if she can invite me to their pre-sale event:graucho: she smiled at me...and she replied, 'i certainly will':nuts:

    it was a nice experience for my 1st hermes visit.
  2. I'm so glad you had a nice experience! Your SA sounds great. I hope you get your lindy!
  3. Congrats! Show us your bangle!
  4. Best of luck on getting your Lindy! Sounds like a fun time. Which bracelet did you pick?
  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. I love the bangles and can't wait to see what you picked out.
  6. bagdizzy, that's just the nicest story! Oh, please, show/tell us what you purchased??
  7. Great, hope you get your lindy soon.
  8. Congrats!

    God, I am such a picture addict - I get all ansy if there's no photo attached to a "I just got..." thread!:p
  9. bagdizzy, what a wonderful H experience. I am glad you got yourself a nice SA to work with.

    Which bracelet did you get?
  10. thank you ladies :smile:

    AuthenticLux:p ....i definitely feel what your saying, i always get that rush in this forum...just want to join in:graucho:
  11. Hi Greentea & golden's mom:smile: ... i resisted the temptation of getting listed for a birkin or kelly.....until i check out the lindy first:crybaby:

    i think the lindy is a versatile bag....i would luv to feel it first. SA said...its cost around $4-$5k for a 30cm. $3k more and i can get a 30cm clemence or togo (def not croc:p ) birkin. if i will have my first and last hermes bag....which should i get, birkin or lindy?
  12. good luck on the lindy! i'm sure you'll get one soon!
  13. i dunno yet pazt....nothing beats the orig, birkin! hopefully a birkin fairy will come by and drop one on me :rolleyes:

    here's the bangle i got from my 1st hermes visit.
  14. my first born like the orange bag...and she cant wait to open it....her first reaction was, i like it mommy! put it on pls.....:p
  15. nice bracelet! i hope you find the perfect first hermes bag, whether it be the lindy or birkin! your SA sounds very nice and helpful. good luck!