My 1st Gucci shoes! PIX!

  1. Hi everybody!

    I got the call today! After months of waiting, i finally got the call about the rubber flats!! They are so comfortable and worth every single penny! I tried to take good pics but my camera wasn't working so i used my blackberry to take the pics. They are so cute that the SA even told me he would call me when they receive more colours. Here she is. My first pair of gucci shoes...

    She even matches my louis vuitton mini lin croisette speedy perfectly!
    IMG00090.jpg IMG00085.jpg IMG00099.jpg IMG00095.jpg IMG00086.jpg
  2. Those a really cute, congrats! They go perfect with your LV.
  3. those are cute! congrats on your new shoes :smile:
  4. Adorable...and they look so practical too!

  5. Those are real cute!:heart:
  6. Adorable! congrats!
  7. those are cute!
  8. OMG!!!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
  9. thanks everyone!

    i can't wait till its summer so i can wear these babies!! Damn Vancouver rain...
  10. too freaggin' cute!! great purchase...!!! congrats :heart:
  11. I hate to sound redundant but I agree that they are really cute and they do go great with your LV!
  12. These are so cute!
  13. Cute shoes! Can't wait to see them in person.
  14. nice...enjoy them
  15. Super cute and match with LV perfectly.
    I have not seen these before... (not in person anyway) but is the entire shoe rubber? Will that make your foot sweat?