My 1st Gucci + questions

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    I made my first Gucci purchase at South Coast Plaza today! :biggrin: I'm too lazy to take a modelling picture. I have a few questions though. How do you know that you were given a returned bag? My sister also bought a Gucci abbey medium shoulder bag double straps with zippers that's $620 (hopefully you guys know what bag I'm talking about), and I noticed that hers came with 2 cardboard-like papers to hold up her bag. Is my bag supposed to have that too? I also notice that the inside pocket of my bag is not fully zipped. I am positive that I did not open it when I was looking at it before my purchase. I even told the SA I wanted a new one and she said it is, but she could have lied to me. I examined the bag and there is nothing wrong with it. I'm just being a little paranoid =/ but I really would not like to get a return for that much money.

    And lastly, the price on the website is $725 USD. I bought it for $750 at the store. I checked my sister's; she bought it for the same price as it is on the website. Why does mine have a difference?
  2. If there is nothing wrong with it, I wouldn't bother. Just cos the zip is open doesn't mean that it was a return. Someone could have been looking at it, unzipped it to see what the inside was like and left it. Unless there is a fault with it, I don't see a problem.

    Good choice going with the Abbey, it's a great casual bag!
  3. Congrats on your new Gucci!!!
  4. I also see no problem if there are no marks/no damage on your bag. Not sure abut the pricing though..
    Congrats on your bag. It's so pretty:smile: