My 1st Gucci exotic

  1. Check out my post #901

    An exclusive Bamboo Top Handle only available at Gucci's museum in Florence

    That bag is under bright lights for the photo so try to imagine a shade less bright and light.

    That is a plain leather in rosso carminio
  2. Wow, it really is beautiful, many congratulations
  3. She's a beauty!
  4. You might be surprised how dark the colour is IRL, quite a lot of black in it. Goes with everything like Hermes Bordeaux

    I have two large BTH already, now I'm waiting to be blown away by a medium size one. I probably should have bought a dark red a couple of years ago but thought it had to much brown in it (think Hermes Rouge H in Box) In addition and like Bama_Gucci I also want to order a custom croc sometime but that's in the future - I'm in no hurry to spend that amount of money LOL.
  5. Omg! What a beautiful bag.
  6. What a stunning bag! :loveeyes:
  7. Wow. Just had to say what a stunning piece she is for her age too!! Excellent find! Congrats!!
  8. Congrats on that absolutely stunning vintage bag! That dark red shade in croc is breathtaking. It's a work of art and does look like it will fit perfectly in a Gucci museum!
  9. that really 40 years old!? It still look like brand new! :woot:
    That is stunning! That is pure luxury there! :biggrin:
  10. OMG!!!! STUNNIIIING!!!! Congratulation on the gorgeous finding!
  11. What a gorgeous bag!
  12. This bag is absolutely amazing!!
  13. Omg, this bag is TO DIE FOR! It is so marvelous and in such good shape! The age is making me jealous and the colors are so vibrant! Love the blue gem and gold hardware! Also btw, are you the fabulous person who owns the bunches of Dior bags and saddles? Sorry if I got you confused but I remember seeing a collection of Diors if I'm not mistaken, years ago and I swear I remember your fur stole!