My 1st Gucci Bag

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  1. Hope it last me at-least 10 years! :cool: Made from DeerSkin. Last Season Collection that I snagged from the Gucci Outlets. Total: $1361.29

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  2. Congrats!!! Its very pretty :smile:
  3. Very pretty!!!!!!! Love the bamboo handle.
  4. Thanks ladies! I was so nervous with this buy because it did not SCREAM Gucci all over. But I really like the subtle note of This is Gucci. lol
  5. Congrats on that gorgeous bag! People who know Gucci will definitely know it's a Gucci bag (especially from the beautiful bamboo handle), even if there is no gg monogram on it.
  6. Thanks! That is what I was looking for too!
  7. Gorgeous! Congrats x 1000
  8. I like it!
  9. Lovely :smile:
  10. cute
  11. Congrats! I'm sure this nag will last at least 10 years but I know it won't be your only one. Enjoy!
  12. Gorgeous, congrats.
  13. Thanks ladies!
  14. Beautiful bag, Congrats!!:smile:
  15. Congrat girl!! I love the bamboo