My 1st grader's new Coach....

  1. :smile: Don't worry, it's not what you think.

    We were on the way to school today and she was going through her backpack and she pulled out a project she made yesterday. I laughed so hard I almost drove off the rode. It's a paper and crayon version of a Coach purse! It must be signature because there are C's all over it. I don't mean a picture of a purse, an ACTUAL purse made of paper, stapled together and completely colored with brown crayon and a large Coach logo on one side. Complete with Legacy lining!! :lol: Oh, I almost forgot, it has the matching wristlet inside!! She is so funny!

    She was so proud and she helped her friend make one too, because she wanted her to have a Coach purse too.

    I know, I have created a monster....:lol:
  2. We want a picture!!! That is so cute!
  3. AWWW! Cutie!
  4. awww your daughter is too cute:heart:
  5. How cute! I can already tell she will be loving the coach when she gets older.
  6. Yes!! show us a pic!! that sounds adorable!!!
  7. that is too cute!! :love: i have 2 boys that tear the heads off of things and color all over each other with not as cute as a home made coach and yes...we would love to see pics
  8. That is SOOOO cute!!
  9. Now THAT is cute!!!! :roflmfao:
  10. That's so cute and very creative!! Two of my kids are that type; my 19 year old ds could make anything out of paper or legos and my 10 yo dd makes anything out of whatever she can get her hands on! LOL! It'll be fun for you to watch her create as she grows up! That's sweet and something worth taking pictures of so you'll have that memory forever! And the fact that it's a Coach purse is just an added bonus!
  11. I'm not home right now, I'll see if I can get some pics tonight. She's a doll, and she loves making stuff. She knew I was excited about my new Mandy and I guess that's where this came from. Too funny!
  12. That is soo stinking cute! I hope you can share pictures with us... perhaps she'll be working for Reed Krakoff (spelling?) some day desinging new Coach bags!
  13. Oh my...that is tooo cute!!!LOL
  14. awww! thanks for sharing! that is so adorable!
  15. LOL!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!

    Picture please!!!!