My 1st Goyard and it’s HUUGE lol

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  1. #1 Oct 23, 2018
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2018
    I’m petite, but I opted for the St. Louis XXL to use as a travel tote. Yes, it’s way too big as an everyday bag, but is great for trips when you need to throw in last minute items, like a sweater and nick pillow for your flight, and if you need extra space for all your souvenirs on the return. I find the size similar to my large Longchamp travel bag...

    Just carried it on a trip...fared well on the plane and was great for shopping. It’s very lightweight, but the straps are thick and reinforced, so it held a lot! The pouch is also larger, so held my passport, cards, cash, compact and lipstick.
    C9C76C1B-048B-44C8-899A-72A6CB30B898.jpeg 967F1859-8946-4085-B974-14160BD5F6B1.jpeg 957FC3B1-6610-478D-A1D1-A8C323C12409.jpeg AF91BA91-7D24-4214-9692-B318FB0929FA.jpeg DC5F7D53-0864-4C29-AB84-C6FD628C2CA0.jpeg
    0E833769-EF8B-4E92-B2A1-14588C5EC87D.jpeg 015F7859-3626-4D05-86F4-656986398076.jpeg BA4373D9-7892-478E-AAA8-0325B5EE0722.jpeg

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  2. Very nice!
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  3. I'm not a small person, and my goyard is also huge! Mine is the Anjou, in orange- that makes it extra noticeable. Still- it's great for a warm-weather bag, and the canvas/leather combo is gorgeous.
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  4. I bet it’s gorgeous!