My 1st Givenchy

  1. Just got it via a couple of weeks ago so I thought I'd share 😄

    The lovely packaging ❤️

    And the one I've been wanting for such a long time! Small Antigona in bright blue 💙💙💙
  2. WOW! She is spectacular - and the packaging is fun! Congratulations - wear her with love!
  3. Lovely :smile: mod shots please
  4. Omg! Everything about this is awesome :graucho: Welcome to Givenchy, enjoy your stay! ;)
  5. So lovely!!!! Beautiful bag!
  6. I love that blue. Gorgeous. What a great spring/summer treat!
  7. That is a great bag and a great color...and the packaging so pretty!
  8. I really love that blue. I can't get enough of it! Congrats
  9. the color is beautiful
  10. Thank YOU everyone! 😉😉😉

  11. Thank you! Will definitely come up with some when I have the time! :smile:
  12. That blue is lovely, congrats :smile:
  13. Gorgeous bag! Enjoy it.
  14. Saw this color up close and its stunning! Congrats to you head turner Antigona.

    I always wanted to try to buy something from mytheresa. How was is there customer service? Obviously the packing looks amazing. I love receiving my order online nicely wrap, it make me feel special and valued as a customer.
  15. Gorgeous colour! Congrats!