My 1st First has arrived Turquoise 2005!!!!

  1. Well, I might as well just leave work now and call it a day :yes:
    The beautiful turquoise first that I won on ebay last week has
    arrived!! :biggrin: IT IS GORGEOUS!!! LIKE NEW!!! OMG!!! HOLY :censor: It was
    worth every last penny I paid for it. I hope someone here gets the
    one that is listed now. The color is just amazing......I will post pictures
    this evening. I think I need to leave now and celebrate!! I was worried
    about the smaller size since I am a city/work girl, but it looks perfect...

    I'm in love:love: I need an apple green first now ;)
  2. Yipeeeeee! I am just so excited, I can't wait to see photo's :smile:
  3. awww.....congrats! i have a turquoise 2005 first too and I just love it! go and enjoy it! :love:
  4. Congratulations!! It's a beautiful bag.
  5. Congratulations!!!! Cannot wait to see pics!!!
  6. Congrats!! Definitely celebrate!
  7. Congrats on your new bag!! i love, love, love the 2005 turquoise!! lucky you!
  8. congrats on your wonderful b-bag!!!!! you're SO lucky!!!!!!!!
  9. congrats you lucky girl!
  10. must post piccs
  11. :yes: I think we need to have a rule, if you get a new bag you simply must post pics asap!
  12. i second that rule :lol:
  13. Yes, I know, I must leave work to photograph bag now! :smile: I was too excited to wait until I got home to announce her arrival.....
  14. Just to torture us :lol::lol:
    CONGRATS!!!! Sounds amazing! Can't wait to see pics! :love:
  15. Happy happy day! Congrats!