My 1st Ferragamo bag

  1. I wouldn't have known that even the rivets have the gancino logo on them if I hadn't taken pictures.
    DSC04904.jpg DSC04906.jpg DSC04908.jpg DSC04911.jpg DSC04914.jpg
  2. More detail pics
    DSC04915.jpg DSC04918.jpg DSC04919.jpg DSC04921.jpg
  3. Winter and Summer
    DSC04927.jpg DSC04932.jpg
  4. its beautiful
  5. Love it! Congrats!
  6. Nice Bag! I absolutely love it.
  7. You wear it SO well. I'm definitely jealous. Such a great shape & color. You will definitely cherish this for years. Congrats on your amazing purchase!
  8. Congrats on that bag... it suits you very well... Enjoy it....
  9. Awesome! I love the colour!
  10. Its lush! congrats! beautiful colour!
  11. grats on your first
  12. Your photos convinced me, I'm getting a Ferragamo Sophia. Now I have to decide on the color and size. I know I should probably be practical and get Black, but SFA has a gorgeous one in Plum on pre-order.
  13. I have a question re: the Sofia listed on the SFA site. It's called a Safari, but it certainly looks like a Sofia. Any opinions on this?
  14. Mine's red and I find it very versatile. I'd wear Plum as a pop of color!
  15. I have seen the Sofia named as Safari on other sites as well, so I would not worry about that. I have no idea why this is, though.