My 1st Fendi Spy!!!... Which one to get?

  1. Hi, i was at the fendi store today and tried on the spy bag for the first time and I totally fell in love with it!!! I don't know if it's already a little too late for a spy but damn! I am getting one! Now my only problem is the color. Which one should i get?? I would like to get more mileage off this bag which means dark chocolate. But don't really want to give up getting the most gorgeous color now, which IMO is the gold handle/silver body. :love:

    Also, summer is here and white is simply too tempting. :biggrin: Although i know i would worry about keeping it clean and white all the time. Would be nice if i could buy them all.....

    I was wondering if all you spy lovers out there could give me some 2cents' worth and advice on which color to get.

    I am torn between the Gold/silver, chocolate brown and white lambskin. Thank you all very much in advance!!!
  2. I love the chocolate brown.
  3. I love the chocolate brown one too.
  4. Dark brown. ... I have one, and it's very versatile!!!

    metallic = more of a special highlight bag
    white = hard to keep clean, high maintenace

    but it really also depends what type of bag you are looking for... the wow and blind 'em factor, or something more classic :biggrin:
  5. i totally agree. IMO I think the metallic is the WOW spy now but i also need to consider a more versatile color for daily wear plus i so love the chocolate brown. BOth looks so luxurious and it doesn't seem fair to be comparing the two when both are of totally different world? Would you think the gold/metallic is ok for daily?
  6. I carry mine daily...and I love it. (gold/metallic) I think the brown is kind of wintery...but gorgeous!! The metallic would be fun for summer.
  7. Hi sunshine, i saw your thread on your new gold/silver spy, congratulations on getting the TDF spy!! I do think that the choco brown is kind of wintery too and the gold/silver more fun. My biggest consideration here is i would like something that i could carry all year round without having to consider much about my choice of clothes. Do you think the metallic could hold up as such?
  8. I think the gold/silver one is the prettiest Spy! I think you could use it all year round.
  9. I do not think it would be such a good winter bag! It kind of screams summer to me. When its snowing outside and its COLD> I think the chocolate spy would be gorgeous! Metallic prefct for summer (jeez, Im alot of help)
  10. I looooove the Wisteria spy! You should try that one :smile:
  11. Sanguar,

    THAT is my dream spy. It is soooo beautiful :love:
  12. I vote for the Gold/Silver. My friend just bought it and it is gorgeous. I mean its so pretty its SIC. It is a head turner and it can be rocked day or night. Absolutely stunning.
  13. I vote for the chocolate brown. But, then I personally don't like metallics. And for a lot of people the White is strictly a June-through-August handbag. I was torn between the chocolate and the honey, and chose the honey Spy because I was just in love with the gorgeous leather color. I will definitely be using mine year round!
  14. I think the Honey color can be worn year-round. You have to invest in one, you will love it!
  15. I love the dark brown and the cognac.