My 1st ever Tiffany's


Feb 11, 2008
Hong Kong
Hi all,

Just got my first Tiffany ever! Yay! Have been debating between an LV inclusion black bracelet, a Hermes black H-bracelet and a Tiffany's charm bracelet. This wins me over at the end when I see it finally at the shop. It's just stunning. I got my hubby one almost of the same style as well.

This is my hubby's bracelet Tiffany Somerset in stainless steel, midnight, that can't put on charms

This is mine, still in stainless steel, midnight color and Tiffany Somerset style but it can add on charms (Starting from this picture, it actually looks clearer as I finally figure out the close-up mode in my camera phone)

Now, my charm, nicely-bagged

It's a Return to Tiffany Heart Charm in Titanium... in black color... this is the one why I stick to buying Tiffany this time.

My hubby's bracelet on him

My bracelet with charm on me

Us pairing up :smile:



More please!
Dec 1, 2006
Lovely! I was just admiring these on their website the other day...and it is so cute that you and SO match. :love: