My 1st ever LV Baby Finally!

  1. After 2 months of working my a** and saving, December finally came. I promised myself I'd get my first ever LV before the year ends. Yesterday I decided that it was D Day. So I was choosing from several bags, mainly the neverfull, speedy minilin and minilin crosette. It was getting so frustrating because everything I wanted had a waiting list. So i said I wanted the damier azur or ebene, but both came in only the 25 size. Finally, exasperated, I told the SA, do you have anything I could buy? Like, right now? Hehe she excused herself and brought out my baby. Then I said, I'm taking it! A few minutes after, a lady came by asking for the same bag. Good thing I came in first... Oh well, excuse me for the long story, I just had to rant. I'm so happy to finally own an LV... :p
    Picture 013.jpg Picture 015.jpg Picture 019.jpg
  2. Congrats on your first purchase!!! ( Definitely wont be the last right...?!!) LOL! So happy for you!
  3. congrats! she's gorgeous!
  4. Congrats!! She beautiful!
  5. Enjoy your new Speedy!
  6. nice first LV !
  7. Congrats!
  8. congrats ! great choice for your 1st LV !
  9. thanks you guys! i am so loving the speedy. i think i'll enjoy trying to collect the speedys... try! haha i'd love to get the minilin ebene so I wouldn't have to worry about patina & dirt. :p
  10. congrats! Your first experience is always special. I am glad you went to a store! :smile: enjoy your new purse and welcome to the club ;)
  11. oh congrats! it's a classic that we can enjoy for years and years
  12. That's the perfect choice for your 1st LV! Congratulations!
  13. congrats on your 1st!!!! enjoy it!! itt definatly wont be your last purchase!!
  14. I have this bag too and I love it! Congrats! Oh and by the way the damier comes in the 30 also.
  15. yay congrats! She's gorgeous and definitely worth waiting for, right? Perfect choice for 1st LV!